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Paper art inspiration (art-spiration)

I get super excited when I find creativity at it’s best. Even better when you can find it in one place, here I have gathered just a few of my favourite paper artists to share with you, in the hope that you too will find inspiration for your next project.

Paper artists for creative inspiration

Colour use

Fideli Sundqvist

Fideli’s playful illustrative style comes to life with their nature inspired paper art. Using vibrant colourful paper palette and contrasting colours they have harnessed the a natural energy of nature which is highly evident in Fideli’s art. A glowing feast for the eyes. Taking a good rummage through their website will sure to inspire some experimental use of colour to your next project.

Sarah Matthews

More use of natures natural colour combinations for some cheerful inspiration but on a more calmer note. Sarahs soft use of colours along with the texture of the card adds a real softness to the 3D birds adding to their natural behaviour. Intricate layers of card snuggled together mirror the softness of the feathers which are details worth noting. Explore the many other artworks by Sarah for a full experience of what can be achieved with the different paper prints and colours available to us all.

Shape & form

Pippa Dyrlaga

A british paper artist from Yorkshire who delicately cuts using simple white card with added hints of muted yet complementary colours. They capture the delicateness and elegance of flowers and majestic behaviour of wild animals in thier realistic form. With Pippa’s delicate and detailed hand-made cuts. Thier art exudes both elegance and serenity in her superiorly detailed cuts, a skill worth taking the time to absorb.

Sena Runa

Enjoy the pastel colours, shapes and forms of Sena’s creations. Using the art of quilling to create everyday objects and creatures there are videos to be found presenting the process which can add that little extra knowledge to your own work. My favourites are Sena’s cute Mini Elephant, this striking butterfly with its use of contemporary straight lines and the never ending swirls with in this love heart.

Helen Musselwhite

Big and bold, Helen imaginatively creates wildy colourful dioramas with paper to tell a story. Take inspiration from Helen’s work and the long list of well known companies she has collaborated with in the world of marketing. My favourite; this project for Chester Zoo to promote Wild Worlds, a festival mixing art and wildlife. With an abundance of color and form, make sure to take a closer look and you will see the simplicity of the shapes used to create this beautiful diorama.

Each of these artist can be used as food for the creative mind, whether it is their use of colour or their use of shape and form, they have successfully created something unique and you can too. Bring together each of your favourite elements from this creative feast and you’ll find that you too can create something unique and inspiring.

This post has derived from a wise piece of knowledge read in the book ‘Steal like and Artist‘. This New York Times Bestseller by Austin Kleon shares a multitude of information he has collected over the years is a book written to his former self on the ‘10 things nobody told you about being creative‘. The very first page in the book is a quote from none other than Pablo Picasso;

‘Art is theft.’

Pablo Picasso

See this as wise information, all art is borrowed and is only re-imagined by a new mind.